R&B singer-songwriter, Wil Guice drops another banger with his new track, Smoke & Sex. Check it out!



Born in a small town in Ohio, Wil Guice became a man in the streets of Philadelphia, where the edge and pain of the city was fused into his music. As the youngest of ten siblings and the only boy it is evident that his lyrics are heavily influenced by his nine older sisters. He displays this with a level of genius when he sings about the highs and lows of love and relationships. His mother is a Pentecostal minister so the natural soulful tone of his church upbringing shines throughout his music.

As a teen, Wil Guice started chasing his dream of becoming an R&B singer. While rubbing elbows with some of the City of Brotherly Love’s music elite, he began molding his vocal craft, vivid cinematic songwriting and hit making skills throughout the streets, club scenes and studios in Philadelphia.

After placing his first major hit song “Bad Girl” on Usher’s 2x Diamond, Grammy Winning album ‘Confessions’ Wil Guice has never looked back. Now living in LA, Wil Guice has been developing his signature singing style, a combination of Hip-Hop bravado matched with classic R&B vocal delivery and storytelling, to touch the world. Whether you are a current fan being moved by something new you hear in his music or a new fan experiencing Wil Guice’s captivating sound for the first time “Welcome to Guiceland”. Enjoy!




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